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Price For Each User Per Month as low as $0.90 per user as low as $0.19 per user as low as $0.15 per user as low as $0.10 per user
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Free Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Drag and drop team management
Dream Team
Player Transfer History
Auto Complete Team
Transfer Limit
Limit Player From Same Club
Fast Points Update
Medals and Rank Badges
Experience Points
Facebook Sharing of Team Performance
Profile Photo
Player Performance & Analysis
18 player statistics
Week by Week Graph Data
Week by Week Table Data
Most Added and Most Dropped Players
Upcoming Fixtures
Search and Sorting
Injury News
Transfer News
League Invitation
Email Invite
Facebook Invite
Member Notification
League Customization
Own Domain Name
Customisable Points Scoring
Customisable Player Values
Customisable Overall Budget
Customisable Transfer Limit
Customisable Player Limit From Same Club
Customisable Website Colour
Customisable League Banner
Customisable Background Image
Notification Menu
Message Board
Private Message
Upload Your Own Ads Banners
Removal of FanXT Logo
EPL Information

means you have 30 days trial to enjoy the features.
*Trial period only starts on 16 August 2014. Meaning your trial period ends 30 days from the first day of EPL 2014/15 season.
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